I have been a writer for over a decade now. I got my start by blogging, and then got a break from the excellent folks at This Magazine, and have since written for all sorts of publications. 

Although I generally refer to myself as a tech writer, my primary interest is really in the way contemporary notions of identity and culture are being changed by a slew of forces: not just technology, but politics, pop cultural trends, and those things that bubble up from the murky depths of the academy. 

I have a PhD from York University in Toronto that is technically in English Literature but really was just about Twitter. It was called The Holographic Self and was about what kind of desires we project into our digital self-representations. If you really want, you can find it by Googling, but I wouldn't recommend it.

I was born in London but have lived in Toronto for nearly 30 years. I have a strange mid-Atlantic accent that occasionally makes me sound like I know more than I do. 

I like to refer to myself as an atheist Sikh, regardless of whether or not that makes sense to anyone else. 

I am obsessed with eating out, particularly noodles of various kinds, but I like all and any food. 

I like a good cocktail. I am not a purist. But increasingly, I just want the most straightforward of beer. No IPAs please. 

Okay, this is starting to sound like a dating profile.