U.K. fintech Fineqia connects savvy investors with asset-backed loans - Postmedia's Content Works

"It is an age- old problem for investors. Those looking for that ever- elusive mix of stability and return are short on choices. The current economic climate only complicates matters; while interest rates are still near historical lows, they have begun on an upward trend in the past year, making ordinary bonds doubly unsatisfactory.

Fineqia (CSE: FNQ), a British Fintech startup, is hoping to fill that void by giving investors and investment houses another option. The company’s London, U. K.- based platform offers Canadian investors access to Fineqia’s pool of vetted, asset- backed debt and equity solutions by packaging offerings that were once only available to financial institutions or hedge funds.

The goal is to expand choice. “As our name implies, we believe in financial equality,” says CEO Bundeep Singh Rangar. “We want to democratize access to deals, and not have them be privy only to select parties.”

Rangar moved from his home in Ottawa to London 20 years ago, first working in tech and financial services before combining them in the now-thriving world of fintech, of which London is the world’s primary hub."


Good economics and good health: How Canada’s pharmaceutical companies make an impact - Postmedia's Content Works

"When we speak of the economy, we tend to talk of it in terms of its health. A declining economy is lethargic and sluggish, while a growing one is vibrant and robust. An often overlooked, yet integral, contributor to the health of the Canadian economy is the pharmaceutical industry and the partnerships it creates – partnerships to develop new innovative medicines that boost our physical health and improve the health of our bottom line.

An EY (Ernst and Young) report commissioned by Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) pegs the pharmaceutical industry’s overall direct and indirect economic value at $19.2 billion (2016), and that figure only tells part of the story. Through unique work and key partnerships, the sector plays an important role in helping researchers bring new medicines to patients who need them."